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I’m 29 years old, I’m single and I live in Caen. I am what we call a plump woman, and if there is someone concerned by sensual curves, which make the joy of men it is really me. Before, to meet people, I used to give the change through my funnyness: like many fat girls, I was the laughing stock of the gang. What’s left is that I have a natural appetite for the joy of life. I have big buttocks and very big breasts, but I put them forward with sexy and tight outfits. As they say, with me there are people on the balcony ! And since I love sex, I take great pleasure in feeling men’s hands on my beautiful breasts: they make me shiver and their mouths on my areolas remind them of their mother and the softness of the maternal bosom.
I assume my extra pounds because they are part of my body and make my femininity generous. Obviously, men love my big belly and my fleshy women. What they love is curling up in my generous bosom and maternal breasts.

I created the site for all these girls and fleshy women that many find unattractive while others see in her charm, sensuality, generous women who bite life to the fullest!

This dating site is made for all those pulpy women and men who prefer them to the twigs of the catwalk.

You like round and sensual women? You want to curl up in their soft and welcoming shapes, to lay your head on their beautiful big and generous breasts?

The site, is made to put in contact these round, glamorous and sensual women, well in their skin, these pretty round women who like, and the men who like them.
Meet plump women from France in 14 – Calvados, 50 – Manche and 61 – Orne.

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An adoption site for round women.

Welcome to beautiful round & pretty women and their sensual curves, and to men who prefer them in flesh, with pulpy and generous shapes, to those men who are fed up with the twigs of the podium and the thinness of magazine models.
Welcome to those men who prefer women.
You are on the official and institutional website of the AUFR, the association Adopt Une Femme Ronde.
How to adopt a round woman? What are the required conditions?
The only condition is that you like women with beautiful shapes.
The adoption procedure is simple: you can register on the waiting list of adoptive sponsors by filling in the form

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