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Naughty girls like Molly come on the market. Those who are 18 years old today and have inherited a stupid name like the American pop star’s, I named Molly Spears, who, if you believe the rumor, is also a funny little pig.

20 years after Dallas, we had the opportunity to fuck Pamela or Sue-Helen. Today, 18-year-old Molly girls are entering the ass market. Well, given the intellectual level of the parents of these grumpy people, you can’t expect to find heads stuffed with mathematical equations or metaphysical thoughts, but that’s not what you’re asking them either. Whether they have a nice ass and a nice wet and warm pussy will do. Let them suck and allow themselves to swallow and we’ll be happy, huh, guys?

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I’m like you with Molly Bears naked. By dint of seeing my dick penetrate vaginas more or less large, I also want to please her and make her fit into a small narrow asshole like Molly’s naked one. There’s nothing to shit, I said to myself that day: “My dick has to see some country”. I get up, the robber is tense and goes hunting. It’s on the terrace of a bar that I find this blonde bitch. I buy her a couple of drinks and I see that this bitch is starting to think about it. ©I smell the cyprine all over the place. I feel like her pussy starts to get excited when she talks to me about her ass. Under the table, I lay my hand under her dress, put it in her underwear, to see the damage: this bitch is already wet like a pig. I bring my finger under my nose, sniff it and make it sniff it to put it in front of the fait accompli: it’s not going to do the nan trick I don’t want to do it etc… I misjudged the chick: she grabbed my finger and started sucking it by grabbing my balls: “about that,” I told her, and I start talking to her about my dick that would need to see the country. She suddenly gets excited and starts shaking like a long-tailed pussy in a rocking chair assembly.

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I lay down a bifton for the consos and take the cod home to show them what I’m made of. In addition, this bitch gives off scents of cramps that make me triumph, so much so that as soon as I get home, she’s already naked, on all fours, working on her ass. I lower my fut, my chibre, well calibrated, leaps forward screaming ouf and I start licking her pussy and ass as she launches into an edifying self-fist. I step back to look at her, get up and rush to the kitchen to get some sunflower oil. The dick square, the glans swollen, I stand in front of his mouth. She sucks my cock while I oil her butt, her ass line and her anus. My finger starts to sweep his puck, then a second one forces it through, leaving room for the third one. On the fourth floor she makes a scream that is quickly overwhelmed by my dick. The ground is finally ready, I warn my dick that it will move into unknown ground, and suddenly only pushes it into his ass. The bitch jumps forward and suddenly goes back. My dick disappears completely in her chocolate turbine, and I start pounding her my balls slamming against her pussy. The blonde starts screaming with pleasure and I unload in her depths. I gently remove my cock, her anus remains ajar: she drops a small fart that ejects my sperm that spills along her buttocks. Turning around, she grabs my dick and starts sucking me again, licking my balls this time…

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