My encounter with the beautiful anus of a young naked girl

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Mélanie montre son bel anus

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At the bottom of her brown lozenge of a pretty naked girl

I would spend hours reveling in his little bistre lozenge, imagining my lips on the little roundness of his ass, running the tip of my tongue over the little wrinkles of his musky-tasting anus…
…driven mad by his anal effluvium, I inserted my oral appendage into the bottom of his rectum while his ass was waving with sodomite desire. It must be said that Melanie was playing the very borderline card of the naked girl ready to offer every part of her body to a man older than her. But as she claims, when you love anilingus, any nimble and well-placed tongue can do the trick. Let’s just say that her anus seemed to like it, as I could see it opening nicely when I stuck my tongue in it.

Melanie has no other need than sex…

Did she just want a little booty call or a real encounter with a man who would offer her the pleasure she asked for or a love affair. I’ll never know. After that fuck she went sailing off to other skies and probably other yards. Which makes me say that little Melanie was a real bitch. But after all, it wasn’t so bad that I could enjoy her cute little ass without limits. In fact this little bitch, what she liked best was to stay doggy style, so she couldn’t see what was going on behind her and be surprised to be fucked or just fucked regularly …

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