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Dorothée is not the TV presenter (a time that people under 20 can’t know), Dorothée is my mother. Divorced, she represents for me the model of the cougar woman, independent and free minded, who enjoys the best moments of life by behaving like a tigress, a feline woman munching on young boys. I realized that my old lady was a cougar when I caught her fucking one of my friends …

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Dorothée was born on July 14, 1970. We can say that her birth is thus under the blows of a cannon!
She knows a peaceful childhood, surrounded by an actor father, an escort girl mother and a brother, Pierre-Benoit says the fucker. The whole family lives in Bourg-en-Baise, a suburb of Paris.
The young Dorothée begins her sexual studies, becomes passionate about sex and gaudriole … and one day, she is noticed by Jean-Pierre the analeur, in charge of the big bird service of the “steel member” productions, during an inter-school competition. Dorothée is born: she finds herself propelled to the screen in 1983 in “Les tours de la turbine à chocolat” (in black & white!) with the puppet sting on fire and even a certain turgid acorn, a professional fucker who will become her sodomy buddy…
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Dorothée the cougar was already naked and was undertaking a work of her pussy in accordance with her sexual reality: the libido of a mature woman to satisfy. This beautiful mature woman was a real slut, her active hand from her pussy to her asshole proved it. By the way, when I asked Dorothée if I could fuck her old whore ass, she said yes right away, but first asked me to stick my tongue up her ass, deep inside her beautiful anus. So she got naked in front of me: leaning forward, I saw her little whore’s ass open up in front of me. I passed a finger between her rounded buttocks. Dorothée gave a kidney kick backwards and my finger went into her bistre washer. She turned around and looking at my bistre with attention, grabbed it with the tip of her tongue and started to suck it. The tips of the beautiful cougar’s breasts erecting their nipples excited my sex. The small buttocks of mom cougar cause a hardening of my cock, a stiffness of my sex favorable to good sodomy. In short you will get hard when you see the slutty ass of the mature pig.

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