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Erika Boormoila was born in Paris in 1994 to Ivorian parents. Her mother is the daughter of a major porn actor in France. She meets Steve Byte on a salacious shoot who will make her discover the alert joys of double buggery and work on the most prestigious porn productions.
At the age of 20, young Erika starts working in a peep show, but the size and sensuality of her ass pushes the master of the place to employ Erika on harder sets where the spectators can finger Erika’s ass, jerk off and ejaculate on her tits. This kind of popular show will make Erika’s fortune.

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My penis was so stiff that it hurt, and it made me want to fuck this beautiful naked black woman in front of me. I presented my big cock at the entrance of her already juicy cunt, very gently, my dick rubbing against her lips, to take the time to watch this new show for me. A black vulva was the first time for me. I knew I had a big, long cock, so I took the time to penetrate it thoroughly after two or three tries to test the depth of her vagina.
I could feel that naked Erika liked it !
I started to slide my cock back and forth faster and faster inside her cunt. I was reveling in seeing Erika’s beautiful naked buttocks clicking and waving against my legs. The faster I went and the more she moaned, the more she enjoyed herself and the more I watched her asshole round and open up as if it was also asking for its share of the cake. I took the opportunity to slip my thumb and spread my buttocks, Erika the beautiful black girl started to scream more and more beautifully under the blows of my dilated limb, while I searched her ass with my fingers.

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Erika enjoys again in abruptly moving back her croup which swallows my cock entirely. In the middle of her little screams, she asked me to fuck her without waiting, very deeply. I hadn’t been able to come and I was starting to get the damn hard club.
I withdrew and started to lubricate her pretty asshole with my tongue. Erika, a really hot black girl like a princess warned me that I could go for it, that she was used to big biroutes. I didn’t let myself be prayed and suddenly I stuck my cock all the way up her ass and started to come and go feeling my cock squeezed by this so firm puck. I would go straight in and after a few seconds, not being able to hold on to it, I would drop a huge spurt of cum deep into Erika’s ass and hear her come in a hoarse scream.
I took my cock out, her anus remained dilated while a trickle of sperm slightly tinted brown from the entrails of her rectum flowed out. The sight of this spectacle excited me and I was jerking off solo while my beautiful princess of the savannah rolled to the side in a sigh. My purses were not empty, I approached my cock to her mouth, she sucked it in one blow and I could cum in her mouth again.
I collapsed, washed out and fell asleep.
When I woke up, I was alone. I will never forget that night and Erika used to join me every time she came to our house…

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