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My name is Estelle. She is 28 years old, with a beautiful 120G, on the scale I oscillate between 75 and 85 kilos. It’s not huge, but it makes me a pretty little chubby … Plus I took it all in my fat ass. But I think I’m really beautiful ! I have a normal sized sister, but when I see her constantly watching her body, dieting after dieting, I don’t envy her.
And on top of that I’m successful with men who like my big, round, heavy breasts and my beautiful female-woman butt.

So why change, I’m round, I stay round.

I said that I’m successful with men and I take advantage of it; it must be said that I’m quite naughty and I like sex. So men, I tend to consume them quickly… and throw them away.
I don’t feel ready to start a family, so I’m enjoying life and my good curves are an asset for dating. There are a lot of men who like fat women.
I’m placing an ad here because I’d like to find a man who’s a good photographer. I would like to take naughty pictures and show myself naked. It’s kind of my hidden exhibitionist leanings that I’d like to live out in the open.
I already have the scenario in mind: a photographer who highlights my beautiful forms. The shots excite both of us, they caress my breasts to harden them and make them rise, and we end up making love in the studio.

Now, if you want to meet me, go to the site where I am registered, but there are plenty of other pretty round and nice ones like me!

Do you like big, naughty women? Do you want to snuggle up in their soft and welcoming girdles, to lay your head on their pretty, bouncy bellies?

The site, is made to put in contact these round & pretty, glamorous and sexy women, well in their skin, these pretty round and sensual women who like and men who like beautiful female forms.

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