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It’s hard to be more sulphurous than Ava! With a dream plastic, which she has never hesitated to highlight by posing nude in magazines or presenting sexy TV programs, she quickly made a name for herself in France. Emigrated to Spain in 1996, she was successful there hosting a prime-time show for two years. A little anecdote: this explosive blonde had run in the 1995 presidential elections, supported by her husband, a film producer X

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Ava was my roommate. We shared a nice apartment on the Convention side. And that’s not all we shared; for the ass, Ava didn’t have many prejudices. Like me, she didn’t want to get bored flirting. When she wanted to have sex, she would knock on my door and we’d set the table like that, quietly. I was dropping my pants, sitting at my desk reviewing my physics classes. Ava would go under the desk and start sucking my dick.
When my cock was hard, when Ava had a lot of fun with my balls – she liked licking them for me, she liked caressing them, passing her tongue over them, going down below, licking my ass – so I dropped my classes. And then it was up to me: often I stroked Ava’s big boobs’ nipples with the tip of my tail, she said like that that it turned her on. Then I chewed her nipples by stroking her pussy, fingering her, but I didn’t have much work to do, her sex in Ava was already very wet.

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And then, Ava would sit her fat ass on my desk, spread her legs, put her feet on the edge of my burglar, and she would always ask me to lick her pussy; in fact, it was always her clit that had to be licked. I did it and enjoyed seeing Ava warm up, watching her lips swell and seeing her dick cum while spraying made me hard to death.
Then naturally, I fucked her like a big bitch. Actually, Ava liked it when I called her a bitch, it turned her on when she told me.
Sometimes I’d fuck him, squirt into his asshole and we’d both watch as my sperm laughed as it flowed in a brownish net from his still open anus.
Actually, Ava and I were having a great time.
But one night, I come home to the apartment with a hell of a boner. Why ask yourself questions? I drop my pants, letting my dick jump out of my pants, pissed off like a long-tailed pussy in a rocking chair assembly. I go into Ava’s room: she slides down on her bed listening to a two-ball rap record. I introduce him to my dick, tell him there’s an emergency. Now this bitch gets up screaming that she’s not a whore, that why would she suck my dick etc…. I think I’m dreaming. After all the services I did for him, the number of times I had to fuck him when I had work to do. You understand me, don’t you, I’m upset right now. While this pig is pretending to sulk my dick, I grab her by the ass, take off her robe and turn her over and without asking her advice I stick my chibre in her vagina. Actually, that dirty girl was getting wet like a bitch. You’ll see that I tell her, and I start pounding her pussy. As I sweep her away, I see her big ass opening in front of me; I grab her buttocks with my full hands, sticking my thumbs into her anus, stuffing her ever harder like a jackhammer in the hands of a Portuguese abandoned by her cod.
When it comes time to throw the sauce, I retire and unload between his buttocks. Taking advantage of the show, my sperm dripping towards Ava’s asshole, I present my turgid glans at the entrance of her shithole and gently penetrates to the bottom of her chocolate turbine…

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