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Ariana was born in Nanterre on March 12, 1998 under the sign of love and sex. She started posing in front of the lens at the age of 18 for a sexy model agency. It’s a revelation, Ariana discovers here a real passion for photography, porn and sex. At 19, in a salon in Paris (erotic salon), the middle of the X arouses her curiosity, she decides to launch herself but always remaining faithful to Marcel, her boyfriend at the time. It is this difference, its naturalness and spontaneity and its hot buttocks that will interest the media. Louis Dupont will be the first to invite him to the set of “Devine qui encule ce soir”. JiPĂ© will invite her in turn and then, Jeanne La Touffe and Billy Grosse Grosse Cock… BitZob will particularly like the young oiler and will push her forward.
Today Ariana is a reference in the field.
She has also been honored by the covers of the most prestigious American magazines and has just published her autobiography in which she recounts her life as a young woman from her childhood in Abidjan to the consecration she knows today.
She is the ambassador of the magazine ENCULABLE where she can be found every month. Today Ariana has just launched her lingerie line: A POIL.

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Ariana who took my paw and my dick and dragged me into the bathroom. I watched his hot ass wiggle and call for help as if he wanted to be pistoned right away. The young bitch grabbed my sex and caressed it by passing her hand under my balls, going up the shaft of my tail and down under my balls and titillating my anus. The hardness and size of the penis surprised her a little bit: she didn’t expect to see a biroute of this caliber; it must be said that I hadn’t had sex for three days and that my balls were bloated and full of shit. The little bitch caressed me and I saw her little tits with hardened nipples of pleasure: that’s all it took, I unloaded a first spray in her hands. Ariana twisted her fat slutty ass and started licking the sperm that flowed through her palms. I turned her over and started stroking her ass.
My hand, passing through her ass, met hers when I wanted to caress her pussy: I helped her introduce her fingers into her vagina by whispering in her ear to jerk off her wet sex. I was still hard-bound, rubbing my dick against her buttocks, trapping her in her stripe, my hands kneading her big, heavy, hard breasts with pleasure.

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Ariana was wanking and moaning. I knelt down, asking her to lean forward so I could see her little anus and pussy. I put my tongue in his parting and set out to lick his asshole. Her hand in her pussy and my tongue on her rose flower had the effect of a detonating cocktail: squeaking like a bitch, Ariana gave a backward kick to crush my face with her sweaty ass. I took the opportunity to stick my tongue in her asshole: she had an orgasm, threw a jet of cyprine that flooded my face and released a small sound fart.
As my dick was full of desire, I broke into Ariana’s vagina and started fucking her gently and tenderly. Her ass was slowly swaying as she crumpled her nipples while moaning. I suddenly accelerated and began to pound it hard as I heard it scream louder and louder.

I made her understand that I was going to come in her pussy: “no” she said “shove it up my ass, you bastard”. Excited by his vulgarity, I spit on my dick and fucked him with a single kidney stroke to spurt into his rectum. I stood there motionless, Ariana’s naked hand having grabbed my balls. I slowly withdrew to watch my sperm fray as I came out of her half-opened anus.

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