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Hello boys, it’s Megan, Megan from Lyon. When I have an appointment through this naughty dating site I have a style of clothing just for getting my dates hard: balconette bra to straighten my big breasts and very tight little round bra. Either I wear a little thong, but most of the time I leave without panties. I like to feel my pussy in the open air… A little while ago I cleared my boyfriend to spend time. And for me it means finding handsome guys, not too far from home to spend nights fucking. So if you’re tempted by a sexy meeting and banging a beautiful, luscious blonde, leave me a message by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

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Yesterday when I get home I find Megan naked, in my bed with Eve: these two bitches are eating each other’s pussy.
I get closer, excited and start staring at Megan’s slutty ass, my pretty cougar. She’s on Eve, on her knees, from where I am, I see the tongue of that dirty Eve, licking the lips of Megan’s pussy. Her pig’s ass twirls before my eyes and I see her anus dilate every time she comes and goes. I wet my finger and put it in Megan’s anus. She makes a little scream, changes her mind when she sees me, and kicks back, like a call for my finger to stick more deeply into her ass. What a bitch!!!!!

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An idea comes to mind: I slowly and then quickly alternate a finger up my ass and a finger in Megan’s pussy. From time to time I give my finger to lick to Eve who swallows it greedily. I can’t take it anymore, I bend down to that fat ass screaming for help, kissing Eve’s burning mouth and starting to kiss Megan’s ass. My right hand moves towards Eve’s pussy while my left hand jerks off my cock that hangs heavily between my legs. These two bitches are squealing more and more; my dick is now square, my glans very hard. Rising up, I approach my cock from this pile of flesh dripping with pleasure and stuff it into Eve’s mouth who starts sucking on me.

I take my dick out of that bitch’s mouth, introduce it to Megan’s asshole entrance and start fucking her while Eve licks my balls and my ass. Stronger and stronger, I pound Megan’s ass, which is grumbling louder and louder, splitting Eve’s pussy, which doesn’t lead wide either, her mouth filled with my balls swollen with semen. The movement becomes fast, very fast, I have the impression that his ass is going to explode.
As I go to unload, I retire, Megan’s anus remains gaping, and stuffs my chibre in Eve’s mouth which pumps me as much as she can excited by the taste of Megan’s anus. While screaming, I drop the sauce in Eve’s throat who almost chokes on sperm. Megan has already turned around and kissed Eve with her tongue, my sperm oozing from the corner of their lips….

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