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Last night I had an unusual experience; Scarlett my mother’s friend has been making advances to me for a long time, even in front of my mother who is pretending not to see anything.
I women have wanted it for a long time, at 17 years old, I like it a lot, but I’m very shy. So last night, after dinner, Scarlett, Mom’s friend, came to spend the evening with us. After a few drinks, the discussion quickly took a very salacious turn, it’s a constant allusion to the pleasure of sex. As I see it, I wonder if my mother and her friend are not lesbians. Around 10:00 I leave them both and go to bed. I quietly read a few naked porn magazines under the sheets and I start to fall asleep with a hell of a hard-on. Gently I put my hand on my balls, caress them and quickly imagine myself sucking on the glans. In half a sleep I imagine a fresh tongue coming and going along my stiff, young cock. I dream when suddenly I feel a great wave of freshness on my glans and in the darkness of my room see the half-naked body of Scarlett my mother’s friend squirming in front of me, swallowing my dick as if it had been in need for several years. (she and my dick too!!!)

Scarlett delivers her sexual emotions

Scarlett was born on August 25, 1990 in Nanterre. Passionate about sensuality at a very young age, she took sex education classes from the age of 16. She then participated in various erotic events at 18 years old, where she danced on stage. With the Q series bin in her pocket, she entered many pine competitions, in order to devote herself fully to the FUCK. With the help of a manager, she got organized, started sucking dicks and started “LECHE-MOI LE CUL TOUR” in 1997. She reached the final and was spotted by the HardMax production, which offered her the following year to participate in the tour, with a first film: “Put your penis where I have my finger”. The title works very well, Gourdin d’Or six months later. The Tringleries followed one another and his public sodomy took place in a convent in front of a crowd of nuns screaming in despair.

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Basically it’s pretty easy to fuck Scarlett. For two main reasons, but there are others. First of all I almost always have ants in my pussy and then, even fucking as a missionary I like it. I also like the boys above me who enter me looking at me in that…

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