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I am Christelle, I am 34 years old and I live in the North of France. I am an exhibitionist and swinger. I love to be watched or forced to suck big cocks especially outside hum…
I’m also bisexual I love to lick women’s cracks and what a delight it is to feel a woman wet on my tongue.
I often go to sex shops where I get fucked by several guys or couples. It really turns me on!
I’m open to all serious proposals to meet to make photos and videos between amateurs, so don’t hesitate any more I’m the kind of very slutty fucker who likes to be completely filled …

I am well aware that the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, the Hauts-de-France region according to the new appellation, is not necessarily the most attractive because of its climate and the clich├ęs about the inhabitants of this region. All this is wrong of course, because the ch’tis, the people of the North, are no more alcoholic than the others. And the supposed inbreeding of the locals is pure fantasy. The reality is that the Nord is a very welcoming region, just like the Pas de Calais, by the way. It’s even an ideal place for single men or women, not to mention that the libertine community is very active there. I know this because I am part of it and I can tell you that single women, or married couples in libertine couples are really hot. Finding a booty call in the North is accessible to everyone.

You will find, in addition to mine, many ads for booty calls in the North on the site. I reassure you, they are only proposals of sluts and naughty girls who fully assume their need for sex and cock. You have to be sure, because you might meet some really good, big, fat cocksuckers that are hard to satisfy. It’s time for you to offer your cock to the bitches in Dunkirk, Lille, Roubaix, Tourcoing, Valenciennes and Boulogne, they’re already getting wet at the thought of getting their asses ripped off. From the sex-crazed young student to the experienced mature woman, they’re all so indecent that you have to break the last taboos to get fucked the way they deserve.

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Me, I’m like you and Christelle. By dint of seeing my cock penetrate vaginas more or less large like Christelle the slut’s, I also want to please her and make her fit into a small narrow asshole. No shit, I told myself that day: “I need my cock to see some country”. I get up, the tightrope walker and go on a hunt. It’s on the terrace of a bar that I find this blonde slut. I buy her two or three drinks and I notice that this bitch who’s also called Christelle starts to think about her ass. I can feel her pussy getting horny. Under the table, I lay my hand under her dress, put it in her panties, to see the damage: this bitch Christelle already wets like a pig on a free live show like Eurolive. I bring my finger under my nose, sniff it and make her sniff it to put her in front of the fait accompli: she’s not going to do me a favor, I don’t feel like it etc… I had misjudged Christelle: she grabbed my finger and started sucking it while grabbing my balls: “about that”, I tell her, and I start talking to her about my cock that I would need to see from the country. She gets excited all of a sudden and starts shaking like a long-tailed pussy in a rocking chair assembly. I lay down a bifton for the consos and take the cod to my house to show her what I’m made of. On top of that, this bitch gives off a smell of cramouille that makes me feel a bit pissed off, so that as soon as I get home, she’s already naked, on all fours, working her ass off…

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I lower my summer, my chibre, well calibrated, makes a leap forward shouting ouf and I start licking her pussy and ass while she launches into an edifying auto-fist. I move back to look at her, get up and run to the kitchen to get some sunflower oil. My dick is square, my dick is swollen and I stand in front of her mouth. She sucks me while I oil her ass, the parting of her ass and her anus. My finger starts to sweep her puck, then a second one forces the pasage, leaving the place to the third one. On the fourth she lets out a scream that is quickly muffled by my cock. The field is finally ready, I warn my cock that it’s going to advance into unknown terrain, and suddenly it pushes it deep into her ass. The bitch jumps forward and suddenly comes back. My cock disappears completely into her chocolate turbine, and I start pounding my balls slamming against her pussy. The blonde starts screaming with pleasure and I unload in her deep end. I gently pull my cock out, her anus remains ajar: she releases a little fart that ejects my sperm that fills up along her ass. Turning around, she grabs my cock and starts sucking me again, licking my balls this time…

I want you to stick your tongue up my asshole.

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