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In 2012, she played alongside Axelle Mugler in the series “Les Filles se font saut” and in 2013 she did a comedy internship at Jack Bitraide. And in 2015, she plays in “Défonce-moi l’arrière train” with Clara Demorgane. In February 2015 she is part of the jury with acec Katsumi of the “Mandrin d’Or” at the International Boules Film Festival and in July, she takes to the stage in Paris to play “Enculée malgré elle” with her friend Dolly Golden.
Still in 2015, she participated in an episode of “The More I Give You and the More I Want You” called Bourre-moi la turbine à chocolat. She was also Jean-Pierre Sodo 1st’s wife, and he wrote a song for her called “Je te lubrifie le sexe”. Of course she is best known for “La femme fontaine” series in which she has been playing since 1995.

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I withdrew and began to lubricate his anus with my tongue. Rebecca, the new naked star, warned me that I could go straight to it, that she was used to it. I didn’t ask for it and suddenly I pushed my dick all the way to the bottom of his ass and started to come and go feeling my dick tightened by this so firm anus. Rebecca new naked star had a wide ass, but a muscular anus. I went straight and after a few seconds, not holding on, I dropped a huge spurt of cum deep down his ass when I heard him come in a hoarse cry…

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I removed my dick, his anus remained dilated while a stream of sperm slightly tinged with the brown of his shit flowed out. The sight of this show excited me and I jerked off solo while Brigitte rolled sideways in a sigh. My purses were not empty, I approached my sex from her mouth, she suddenly sucked it in and I could come back into her mouth.
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When I woke up, I was alone. I will never forget that night and Rebecca, the new naked star, used to join me every time she came to our house…

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