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Hailey and sex like ass shot is a long story.

Hailey is 21 years old. She is a student and is preparing a degree in English. Her days are structured around her college classes, her outings with friends and the plans she has sex with her friends. It should be noted that for practical reasons, the young and pretty brunette takes in-depth language courses in parallel (she specifies that there should be no analo-sexual connotations). Let’s just say that the ass shot situates the character a little bit.
She is passionate about human behaviour and the psychology of sexual relations. A passion that makes her spend hours listening, talking with her sister, admiring her little breasts and wondering how to use them…
Tastes and passions: only music and fucking count for him

A little more booty call with the little brunette

Dylan who had the opportunity to have sex with Hailey tells us a little more:
“Hailey grabbed my hand and dick and dragged me into the bathroom. As I followed her, I could at leisure watch her ass waving to the rhythm of her steps. He seemed to be screaming for help, deliver me and fuck me. The beautiful brunette turned around and knelt before me to swallow my rod. I was still hard, which seemed to surprise her. I had just made her come three times and she didn’t expect to have a dick that big yet. But my balls still had some reserve and as I don’t like things half done I made him understand that I could still honor him.

She started wanking me off by gently massaging my balls. As she stroked me and I saw her little tits with tight nipples: that’s all it took, I unloaded a first spurt in her hands. She scolded me by telling me that nothing should be lost and by squirming she started licking the sperm that flowed in the palms of her hands. I turned her over to caress the parting of her ass while she oiled her pussy with my fuck. My hand, passing through her ass, met hers when I wanted to caress her pussy: I helped her introduce her fingers into her vagina by whispering in her ear to jerk off her wet sex. As I was still hard-bound, like a bull I presented my glans at the entrance of his asshole. Without any particular effort my dick slowly fell into his ass…”

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This brunette who loves booty calls us one of her evenings of sexual debauchery

Strangely, I feel a heat rising in me, it goes through my body, I have red cheeks and wet pussy… The guy sitting facing me takes his dick in his hands and starts to polish it… He looks at me moaning and caressing his balls… Finally, it’s really exciting as a game… I wonder which girl will crack first. But also I only want to be alone, to be alone, to get naked and to caress myself. I look around and all the girls are sitting in their seats squirming… All guys masturbate in harmony and we can do nothing, because the rule is strict, we can’t touch each other.

That’s it, the blonde sitting next to me puts her hand in my pants… And here we go, the women also start to caress each other. I’m a little shy, but I raise my dress and I lower my hand down to my pussy to lubricate my fingers which will then be placed on my ball… And I stare at the man in front of me, because finally, I really enjoy seeing him give himself pleasure. I caress my breast at the same time as I paw my mold, because I want to see it moan louder, I want to see it ejaculate on it. What’s finally happening!

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