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My name is AurĂ©lie, I am a student in crisis management in Lausanne, but my life and work is lived all over Europe. I would like to point out that I am 23 years old. A little desperate by the intellectual vacuity of boys of my age, my preference now goes to experienced and cultured men. Men who are already well-established in life and for whom the idea of respecting women is a matter of course. If I add that boys my age are disappointing sexually, you will understand my approach better. I’m a bit fed up with these men who only see me as an object of sexual pleasure and who fuck way too selfishly for me. I have to experience love and sexual encounters with men who care about whether or not I enjoy having sex with them.
Is it wrong for a mature man to be attracted to a student encounter?

Men who know how to enhance the women around them. And also take them on the new paths of Nirvana. I, who loves men and knows how to make them happy sexually, can say that the mature man, apart from his social position is a man of great quality. Careful, I’m not one of those girls who only see their men’s wallets. I just want to find the right balance between ease of life, intellectual emulation and pleasure in bed. So I think meeting a mature man can only be positive for me.

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