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I resist by pushing her away, licking her asshole with greed while jerking my tail that hangs heavily between my legs.
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We don’t know much about Sharon. Just arrived from Hungary, Sharon was noticed in Pigalle in bars in Hostesses. Sharon does it well, earns her crust by boldly handling her clients’ dicks. Sharon leads the dance: she sucks, lubricates the club and puts it in the pussy itself. Then with both hands, Sharon grabs the guy’s ass to beat the clubs. Sharon then unloads the client’s dick on her tits and caresses them, stuck with sperm….

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The air of nothing I do the one who sleeps half asleep when Sharon sees me while giving nevertheless some blows of back so that my life enters well at the bottom of his throat. With each step forward, I hear Sharon whining with little muffled screams. I immediately see that I am dealing with an expert when she starts spinning her tongue between my glans and foreskin; it makes me feel like an electric shock in my lower back and I suddenly withdraw for fear of coming in her mouth.

Sharon, slowly begins to look at me smiling and licking my purses, from top to bottom, putting them in his mouth. Little by little, I feel her tongue going down towards my anus that she starts licking gently and then stronger and stronger as she continues to jerk me off. I understand his game: when my asshole is wet. She starts sticking her tongue in, then a finger that she pushes deep down by sucking my dick again which starts to hurt me so hard I get hard…

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