Naturism and living naked

Naturism is the art of living naked, of doing everything naked, naked is more comfortable and freer. It is a real alternative to the modern and hectic life which consists in living naked in a space dedicated to this practice. In fact it is an activity practiced most of the time during the vacations or the WE, except for some until the end of the year who live all the year in the simplest apparatus. Fucking girl dating

Naturism, a philosophy of life to feel better in its skin

Naturism is an art of living which aims at the wellbeing of the naked body in complete harmony with nature. Naturism considers that it is thus that one gives again with the human body its true place in nature. There is thus no erotic connotation in this practice. However, it is easy to imagine that in this carnal relationship with the natural elements, it must be very pleasant to make love naked in the forest, on a carpet of moss or at the edge of water. Moreover the summer, the vacations are the occasion to make its first steps towards naturism.

Let us say that it is not about communities where one practices the free love while smoking joints around the fire. Even less about orgies like in the dunes of the beaches of Cap d’Agde. Nudity is considered as a return to the original state, a renewed contact with the natural elements that surround us, the air, the sun, the light and the water.

We were born naked and to find this original summer allows us to find some of the softness and serenity of childhood. A healthy and natural life. During the vacations, we free ourselves from social rules and we learn to rediscover our body, our personality and that of those around us.

A natural anti-stress therapy

As naturism brings a real well-being it replaces advantageously all the chemical pharmacopeia of the modern life. Naked, a body breathes much more freely, it is the rediscovery of forgotten sensations, the euphoria of a life towards nature. A week of naked life in the open air is much more beneficial for health than a cure of anti-depressants. Naturism should be reimbursed by Social Security

Egalitarian human values

Naturism is a true community life where the values of sharing, respect and tolerance are very important. All the differences are accepted, a life without clothes makes its only drop the social values (or in any case puts them momentarily aside), but also the physical differences, the defects which can be a source of withdrawal on oneself in our society.

To be naked in front of others, to see others naked, allows to notice that the perfect body does not exist. It is thus easier to look at oneself in a mirror and to accept oneself. The practice of nudity makes social barriers disappear, thus facilitating exchanges and sharing. There is no room for appearances, everyone is recognized for who they are. There is no old or young, no black, no white, no race, no fat or skinny…

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