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I’m a 20 year old Arab girl. As of today, at the time I’m writing this ad, I’m really in need of sex. What I would like is to find and meet a young rascal, as much as I’m a rascal, just for a plan Q. Kiss and have fun together if you prefer. I sometimes go to bed with men older than me, but I find it really more normal to fuck a guy my age, my generation. That’s my only old-fashioned side, because otherwise I’m very open-minded on the ass side. If I tell you that I practice blowjob and sodomy, do you answer positively to my request?

I like to be held by my hands while I’m being eaten by the mussel and the ass. The best I prefer those sexual intercourses that last a long time: I like to be roped for very long minutes. I can tolerate early ejaculators on two conditions: that they make me come by licking my slit and that they continue to cum after squirting. That’s it, I love foreplay, to feel hands and tongue sneaking everywhere, in every nook and cranny of my body, it’s too good.

I’m not too classic fuck like mom and dad. So if you can avoid banging me as a missionary, or always in bed, I’d like that. I like to fuck in unusual places with fear of being caught with a dick in my mouth in a public place for example. Propose scenarios because I want to play and have fun with a nice big cock, stuck where you know.

See you soon – Malika

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Of the chicks of the city which emancipate themselves

Malika is of this generation of young Arab girls who knew how to say shit to tradition and conventions. One can undoubtedly call them the rebellious burettes to use a fashionable term. The morality of their religion forbids them to have sexual relations before marriage? And married with whom? They no longer want to be subjected to the family and religious diktat. Sex has always been an engine of social emancipation. This is what these Muslim girls do when they decide to come by fucking. Fed up with being sodomized to remain a virgin. Butts get fucked too, but just for fun …

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