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What is it that really attracts women?

I am writing this article in response to a question that one of my readers asked me last week: Why are girls attracted to guys who are more virile and who work out?

I have already received this question several times.

So I guess it will interest a large part of my subscribers.

And in case the answer doesn’t interest you, stay tuned, because you’ll still learn a few useful tips in the following lines.

Why are women attracted to more manly guys?

Well, we all know that when you want to attract a woman, manhood is an asset.

But being manly doesn’t necessarily mean being muscular and having a big scar on your face.

That’s where most guys go wrong.

Being virile is above all about releasing a powerful masculine energy.

It’s giving off an aura of strength, of indomitable, rocky energy that you can hold on to during a storm.

It goes much further than being muscular or having scars on your face.

You’ve probably noticed it: there are some virile guys who are not muscular at all. And they don’t have any scars. And who also don’t have the voice of Alain Dorval (the French voice of Sylvester Stallone).

Because virility goes much further than that.

Manly guys exude a masculine energy that is attractive.

A powerful masculine energy that is extremely attractive to a woman.

Like the + attracts the -, this masculine energy attracts the feminine energy, but nothing can be done about it.

These complementary energies that are male energy and female energy attract each other.

A woman with a strong feminine energy will be ultra attractive to a man.

These different energies, they can be transmitted by the attitude and by the physique.

In the man, it is much more by the attitude that it is transmitted.
And not by the physique, contrary to what one could think.
To be virile does not mean to be muscular.

what attracts women to menThis is where a lot of guys get it wrong.

You can be manly without being muscular.

And conversely, you can be muscular without being manly.

You can see why the second part of the question (Why are girls attracted to guys who are more manly and who work out?) doesn’t make sense.

Some women will tell you that they like men who are muscular, but that’s not what will attract them.

It’s not muscles that will trigger that excitement that will drive her to be crazy about you.

Not at all.

If we men are mostly attracted to women by their looks (let’s face it), women are less attracted to their looks.

To be muscular, it is perhaps a small plus. But that’s it.

Girls aren’t necessarily attracted to these guys.
So why do some guys think that working out will make them attractive to girls?

There are many reasons.

First of all, there are stars who have muscular bodies and all the girls are crazy about them (it’s not their muscles that make these guys attractive, it’s their celebrity and the emotions they’ve put these girls through through their work or performances).

Second, because they saw this muscular guy, maybe in junior high or high school, or at work, banging all the girls he wanted.
And they figured that his success with women was because of his muscular body.

Except that’s not how it works.
It wasn’t his muscularity that allowed him to get what he wanted, it was the male energy he gave off.

Some of these guys who work out have a (really) manly side: they have a solid attitude, they’re not afraid to say what they think, they take their opinions into account…

And that’s what makes them attractive to women.
Their muscles are just the icing on the cake.
It’s a consequence of their warrior spirit.

I know skinny guys who attract gorgeous girls effortlessly, and muscular guys who don’t get anywhere with girls.

Because the masculine energy that we give off has nothing to do with our musculature.

So to summarize:

Women are attracted to virile men in that they exude a powerful masculine energy.

This masculine energy attracts the feminine side of women, and therefore leads women to be as if magnetically attracted.

And being manly doesn’t mean being muscular.

It goes far beyond that.

To be virile is to be able to convey certain very specific masculine qualities.

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