How to cut a pipe

Every woman should know how to suck a dick.

Every woman should know how to suck a dick.

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How to make a blowjob

On this blog, the article that was the most successful has obviously absolutely nothing to do with Python : it’s the video tutorial on female masturbation (even the one on sodomy didn’t do better). It’s for guys who want to take their girl in hand, but which I’m sure interested some women as well. For the culture (of the point) G.

In spite of the abundance of pornographic material on the subject, I am sure that many women wonder how to perform fellatio. Indeed, it is rarely emphasized, but there are just as many bad moves for women as for men, the major difference being that most men are satisfied with poor quality sex (for pathetic reasons, but this is not the subject of the article).

And in the mix there are bound to be some who wonder how to change that. After all, no one is born to put someone’s dick in their mouth, it’s necessarily artificial knowledge. And we have a gay readership too, although I doubt we can teach them anything. Pro-tip: if you have extroverted LGB friends, ask them for advice, they’re just better than you are in the sack.

As for the cuni, there is no packaged, ready to deliver method, but here are some key points.

The teaser

As I often say, sex is the dinner table for adults. It’s theater. It’s for fun. And reproduction, but well, the turlute is not indicated for that.

The pipe is no exception to this rule, it will be better if you play the game.

First there is the look. A self-confident look (pretend), naughty or downright dirty. A look that says you want it.

And then there’s the approach. Not too fast, a little playful or beastly, as you like, but make a staging, it’s more fun.

Again, nobody fucks 5 stars every day, it’s just advice.

Getting the hang of it

Start by decalting, because there’s no point in sucking a covered acorn.

The glans is sensitive at first, so keep your hand at the base of the penis. You can go firmly, the base is not sensitive. Fingers around the penis, the palm resting, and pushing, on the base. A micro back and forth movement by pressing slowly, but with a little downward force can be applied.

Avoid moving the hand more than a few centimeters from the glans is most important at first.

But like kitty-cat grazing, there is a lot of taste in everything I’m going to say, so remember that these are guidelines for good basics, not miracle recipes. I met a Swiss guy who once told me that he loved to have some kind of Indian burn on the tub. I know, I have weird conversations. It was near Loch Ness Lake, so the weirdness, you know….

If you know how to masturbate your partner, you can alternate without any problem, and even practice a particularly strong masturbation at the end. But beware, jerking a guy off properly is usually more difficult than sucking him off. To practice, do it while being behind him first, your hand will be in the right direction of curvature so it will be easier.

Mouth grip

I know you see a lot of porn where the chick is going at it like a maniac on her partner’s sting, but while it can be exciting to watch, it’s rarely as physically enjoyable as someone who goes at a moderate pace at first.

Of course, as is often the case in the ass, you speed up at the end, you go harder, and you can also start in wild beast mode from the beginning, but it’s contextual. For most cases, slowly, then you accelerate.

The most important thing is not to feel the teeth and to lubricate well.

That means salivating abundantly on the dick. Abundantly. Spit on it if it’s too dry. Yes, it is. It has to be well wet.

And keep your naughty look on it, it helps.

For the teeth, it’s a matter of practice. A bi girlfriend told me that before her first time with a guy, she had only had chicks, so she was a little confused. She finally practiced on her thumb.

It’s a very good tip for teeth and saliva. For movement and stuff, no. But it’s very easy to see if you can feel your teeth on your own thumb, and it’s pretty easy to see if it slips on its own or if it’s a little dry.

You may have heard or seen deept throat or bukkake, practices that essentially treat a woman’s mouth like a vagina-stuffer. The pleasure derived from it is purely psychological and does not bring any physical pleasure. In fact, there are few men who enjoy it, even if they exist. Just because it turns you on in video doesn’t mean you want it in real life. So find out beforehand, and when in doubt, we live very well without it.

The finish

The finish is very important. If you are doing something when he comes, he will have much more fun if you don’t stop when he comes. Whether it’s jerking off or sucking off.

Now there are a lot of chicks who don’t want to get a cum shot, which I understand. Ask the guy to warn you in that case before he comes. If you don’t say anything…

The finish in the mouth is very pleasant, and of course no one forces you to swallow. Just go and spit out right afterwards and brush your teeth and everything to do normal. Refuse categorically too 🙂

Otherwise, coming on the tits doesn’t bring any extra sensation, but in the head it turbinates, and it’s a good compromise.

Don’t get hammered in the head either. You’ve sucked his cock, if he complains that the end doesn’t suit him, put a dildo in his ass, it will calm him down.

There are some particularly nice moments to slip a fellatio. It has to come from you in this case, but it is always a pleasure:

• In the car while driving.
• On the chair during a movie.
• Under the desk during work.
• In the shower.
• When waking up.

The idea is that it should be spontaneous and unexpected. I once had a girlfriend who, just before leaving for work, instead of kissing me, sucked me off in seconds and then left without saying a word. I still remember it.

Note that the problem with a surprise blowjob (and even without surprise) is that the guy may have a dirty dick. But you’re not going to ask him to wash it first, imagine that he does that for a cuni…

The trick is to have baby wipes. Choose your brand carefully so the taste isn’t disgusting, it makes a shiny shrimp braquemart in 5 seconds, replacing the smell of shrimp pudding with a sweet what-ever-is-inside-the-stuff scent.

Once it’s in, don’t hesitate to clean it with a tissue or a wipe. It’s very pleasant.

Oh, and if you feel like a massage or a lick, ask for it before the blowjob, after it’s done 🙂

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