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Hi, I’m the[pretty] Charlize, I’m 22 years old and I’m looking for a Q plan in Paris. As you can see on my picture, I am a blonde with a beautiful chest, not too big but well made. I am from Bordeaux but I am in Paris to study. I like to go out with friends, but what I’m looking for here is a one-night stand, a fuck buddy to get laid without tomorrow. What I think is completely crazy is that I can’t find a guy for this. Isn’t that crazy? I’m not a pudding, am I still fuckable? I want to have sex with a guy to take me as he wants and I’m not going to spend my evenings masturbating… In case I’m on the side of the Porte d’Italie, if there are men in the area…

If you’re not convinced, I like thick tails for my narrow little pussy, but on the other hand for sodomy, I’m still delicate and I reserve that for sweet and tender men, otherwise I’m quite a bitch I think. So here’s my search for a booty call in Paris or RP to blow myself up and come without having to worry about a sticky guy.

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“Mine of nothing, as I am still hard as the little Charlize of Paris is half asleep, I gently pull my tail into her mouth. Every time I enter his mouth I hear Charlize make little deaf cries. She could push my dick away but on the contrary I see that I am dealing with an expert when she starts spinning her tongue around the crimson redness of my glans. It makes me feel like a blow of a club in the kidneys so I suddenly remove my dick from his mouth for fear of coming to the back of his throat. Charlize then opens her eyes, grabs my tail and licks my balls, her mouth going up from the bottom of my purses to the top of my tail.

Then her tongue starts to go down to my anus and she starts licking gently while continuing to jerk me off. I understand that she likes anilingus, and so do I, since I think I should return the favor when she shoots her tongue into my asshole before sticking her finger in. Which has the effect of making me hard as a bull. As my Charlize ass plan understands that I’m going to come, she starts jerking me off faster and faster while fucking my ass with her fingers. She jerks me off vigorously, my acorn in her mouth when I drop a first spurt. She releases a rage of jouissance on her side by swallowing at the moment when I spurt again on her lips and tongue. Charlize keeps sucking on me and I see my milk-colored sperm flowing at the corner of her lips while she keeps playing with her fingers in my asshole. Stunned by pleasure, Charlize continues to suck me gently, licking my sperm-covered cock, languidly activating on my balls and my overheated puck…”

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Queen of the sluts of Sex in Brie, Miss sex 2012, Miss Big Breasts, Miss Naked France, Miss Europe of the Pigs, finalist of Miss Big-assed Woman and charming farm girl… So many titles for the sublime √Člodie jeune chienne!
√Člodie showed the men that a Miss Ass Queen could combine beauty, femininity and very hard fucking.
She represented our beautiful country with dignity in the competition of the most enduring herders. Indeed during this contest she won after a 5h30 long scene after sucking more than 158 men
She has been able to put her humanity and notoriety at the service of children who suffer and help associations to make progress in order to give hope to all…

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