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Hello all of you

My name is Lisa, 28 years old. As you can see, I’m a round woman, but also a real big naughty girl with big heavy tits and a big ass in need of sex. Pulpy and generous, I therefore fully assume my very feminine forms, it is not my extra pounds that prevent me from fucking. As a liberated woman, I want a man about my age who is gifted under the duvet. I want a naughty partner who is really attracted to women of high build. I want to have sex all night long to satisfy all my sexual desires, moments filled with caresses, tongue games on erogenous zones, sharing bodily fluids, penetrations in all orifices…
In short, I want to have fun, discover orgasm and give you pleasure too. Possibility to receive at home, but also to travel between 1pm and 8pm every Wednesday.

Lisa is a big naughty girl to satisfy right away

For the record, I’m not here for feelings, my celibacy life is fine with me. If someone here wants to spend a warm moment with me, let them wave to me and send me a message after this announcement, I will answer as soon as possible. Looking forward to reading from you guys.

I’ll see you soon?


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